22nd August 2016

Life’s BIG Questions

Are you looking for answers to some of Life’s BIG Questions?

The Bible claims to have some answers – but are there any good reasons why you should trust the Bible?

You are invited to come and find out about the reliability of the Bible and what it’s answers to these questions are – examine the evidence and then decide for yourself!

13 September Why believe in God?  1: The reliability of the Bible
20 September Why believe in God?  2: Bible predictions fulfilled
27 September How could God allow suffering and ‘Christian’ wars
  4 October Hasn’t science disproved the Bible?
11 October What is the meaning of life?

Each presentation is at 7:30 on a Tuesday evening in our hall (address at the foot of the page), and will conclude with a short time for discussion and refreshments, lasting about an hour in total.

You are very welcome to any or all of them.